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May 24, 2004

Moving in… I HATE Comcast

[6:43 pm]
Subject: I HATE Comcast
Mood  angry

Surprise, surprise. Comcast messed up once again.

Comcast just plain didn’t show up today. No calls, no nothin’. They were supposed to come between 9-1 and didn’t show up. I called close to 2 o’clock and they were like oh the technician is sick today. Why didn’t they at least call us and let us know? The rep said she was gonna call back in ten minutes to see if she could get someone else to come out. She never called.

I called back at 5 pm and the rep had left for the day. The lady I ended up speaking with said that the appointment was rescheduled for tomorrow (thanks for telling us. they would have hypothetically showed up and no one would have been home). Then she was trying to see what she could do to figure this out, and she hung up on me after I was on hold for ten minutes. I called right back and the woman I spoke with this time not only wasn’t helpful or apologetic but actually took off a credit (the very little they did offer us last week) that we were supposed to get. Now I’m fuming mad. And now not only are we not getting service today or tomorrow, we have to wait until Thursday. That is, if they actually show up, have their shit together, hook up all three tv’s, or don’t yell or cuss at us.

And why isn’t MySpace working properly?! BAHHHHH. At least I’m not paying for that service so I’m not that pissed about that.
I called DirecTV to try to order. They are cheaper and seem like they have their shit together a lot better than fucking Comcast. But turns out my apartment complex doesn’t allow us to have it. Grrr.

I’d much rather not even have fucking cable if this is all the shit you have to go through for this. It’s a waste of money anyways. And I don’t want to give Comcast my money or my business after all of this. But Cait really really wants cable. Well if they are in fact going to ever get their shit together, I want like five years of free service, a letter of apology, and throw in some lollipops and balloons while they’re at it.

[1:49 pm]
Subject: finished moving… more unpacking to do
Music Cicadas bein’ loud.

Friday I took off work early so I could finish cleaning out my apartment and do the scrubbing and vaccuming and mopping and crap. Well that didn’t get done! To make a very long story short – Comcast are pissing me the hell off. Because of several mistakes they have made with their computer system and with a couple different customer service reps telling me our computers would run on it no problem then me finding out later I was lied to just so they would get commission, I have decided to cancel Comcast and am getting Verizon by this weekend. For cable TV, I guess we are stuck with using them. Grrrrr. I don’t even want friggin’ cable anymore, especially after this. But Cait really wants to, so I guess I’m gonna have to put up with them. I myself have lost my patience!

First they put in the wrong address and the tech refused to come to the right address that same day (Tuesday). So Cait had to stay home all day Friday. Then the guy called before he came and was rude as hell and was like "I’m only hookin’ up one TV, not three. I’ll have to come back another day to hook the other ones up" (even though we ordered it for three and were being charged for hooking up three – idiots!) and he said "you gonna have to talk to customer service" so I was like "I will. What’s your name, so I can tell them you are refusing to hook the other ones up?" He kept not giving me his name and finally he goes "You wanna know my name? My name is ‘Fuck You’." Now I am a reasonable person and am very patient with people considering I know that jobs with dealing with people can be stressful. However, this was uncalled for. When he came up I was so pissed off and Cait was like confused as to what was going on ‘cuz she didn’t know what was happening. Anyways, I called customer service. They told me he has to hook them all up right then. (For g*d’s sakes poor Cait has been staying home and waiting for them each time they fuck up and have to reschedule. The tech still refuses to and the supervisor even gets on the phone tells me to put our tech on the phone and orders him to hook the other tv’s up and he still refuses to. Then the rep informs me his supervisor is calling his supervisor and that he is going to have to hook them up then and now and that he is in trouble for this. Moments later, he gets paged on his walkie talkie and he runs out and mysteriously a few minutes later (though he was out there checkin’ the line before) he says "Oh your line outside is messed up. I’m gonna have to come back next week." UGGGGGHHH! First of all, fix that shit now. People have to stay home all day and take off work each fucking time. And on top of that, I have a feeling the fuck head cut it himself because he was a complete asshole. Why didn’t he notice it was cut before?
So he leaves and then Cait calls customer service and reports how he was rude, raised his voice, interrupted me many times, and told me his name is fuck you. And so he gets reported and in trouble again and then on top of it all, the rep told Cait there is a way to set up temporary cable TV service in the meantime ’til it gets fixed and that our tech was required to do that in this situation but didn’t. So now they are coming back today to set that up and then coming again Wednesday to set up the line again. THIS IS ANNOYING AS HELL. I am fuming mad and on top of all this, if Comcast would have told me in the first place that they have some problem with their wireless router (something about how a PC would put bugs into a Mac and it’s some problem they have to fix with their router – when I specifically asked and told them we had a mac and pc and they said no worries!) then I would have had Verizon by now. Well at least they told us the tech that comes out today and Wednesday will not be him. Oh and I found out his name is Hassan. So if you get Hassan, beware.
I understand mistakes happen. But if you are rude and not even apologetic about it and continually mess up afterwards due to just carelessness and then I can’t deal anymore.

After all this crap and me having to be on the phone with customer service forever (the guy on the phone was the only nice and reasonble person I’ve dealt with), I got ready for the Mojo. It was a lot of fun! The boys had more makeup on than me! Haha. Real men wear eyeliner 😉 Cait helped ’em put it on and taught ’em a thing or two about makeup. The Mojo rocks cuz it’s down the street my place and it feels like you are hanging out at someone really cool’s house or something. In a good way. The upstairs was fun. I suck at pool. Anamide rocked. They did an awesome cover of Justin Timberlake’s "Cry Me a River" with Jeff from Cypher, who I finally met. He’s awesome. I’ll probably be seein’ them, Goldmind Squad and Trust Company on Friday at the Recher Theatre.

Saturday I had to get up early to finish my cleaning the old apartment. It felt great to finally get it done and turn in the keys. A lot of stress taken away because of that 🙂 Then the Bel Air Bash was awesome! So many people showed up, even though it was the same day as HFStival and some proms. Lots of lovely, cool people. We’ll have to do it again. Harford County has become sucha huge place for bands and shows. It’s awesome.

You know what kinda sucks? Wanting someone really bad for a while. Really liking everything about them. Their personality, their morals, their hobbies, and they are just amazingly talented and beautiful. But after a while, you convince and force yourself basically to not like him because you realize so many others like him as much as you do and he is out of your league. Then you talk to him about two years later and you find out you could have him if you wanted to. And he is all c’mon… let’s hang out. You know I want you, don’t play dumb, you know what I’m talking about. WTF?! I’m convinced myself already not to like him haha. And on top of that, he’s sort of changed in a bad way. Just a certain something about who he is now that he wasn’t before that you definitely wouldn’t want to be a part of. I still think he is wonderful and all that, but just don’t want to be around for certain stuff. I dunno man. I think a big part of how your life turns out is timing. Timing for me is not always on my side.

Anyways… I’m using some free AOL ’til I get the ‘net and I have lots more unpacking to do, so if it takes me longer than usual to write back to your emails or posts, please just bear with me. Thanks!