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May 17, 2004

Cicadas gone wild

[11:18 am]
Subject: Cicadas gone wild
Mood  uncomfortable

I finally know what all this fuss is about with these cicadas. I was like man they can’t be that gross looking and even if they are, people need to grow up and accept it. Well, I take that point of view back. They are scary! I drove to work and pulled up next to this tree, not expecting to see them. And I’m standing right next to the tree after I get out of the car and look over and BAHHHHH it’s theeeeeem. The tree is covered in cicadas. And they are so loud! Apparantly dogs like to eat them ‘cuz they’re tasty and good in protein. So a lot of dogs have been overeating them and have been puking and their human parents don’t understand why. Well, now ya know. And the cicadas are actually attracted to the sound of a lawnmower.

What great timing for this. I just moved in yesterday (still have a couple days of stuff to do ’til it’s complete) and have a nice spacious place (in my standards, anyways… not according to Vh1’s "The Fabulous Life of…") with a cool balcony. But now I’m prob not gonna be able to go out on it for a little while ‘cuz of the grossness. But you know, I haven’t heard or seen them – yet – in my ‘hood. So maybe, just maybe they don’t exist there. Haha I wish. And hope.