[10:52 pm]

Subject: BAAAHHHH!
Mood  disappointed
So Lennex asked us very last minute if we wanted to play with them tomorrow night at the Stone Cellar. And we said no ‘cuz we were supposed to be playing two shows tomorrow in Delaware. Well the PM show just got canceled. So we contacted them back like riiight when we found out and they had already got Agents of the Sun to fill the slot. WE WANTED TO PLAY WITH LENNEX AGAIN! Damnit. We wish we woulda known this shizz sooner so we coulda said yes. I’ll prob end up going to that show tomorrow night if I have the energy. And I mean honestly AOTS is prob a better choice than we are haha. We just don’t "fit in" with most bands in MD. We’re too heavy and weird in MD and then we’re too soft compared to PA bands (Philly excluded). Del. just seems to rock though. Kev and I decided instead of going down tonight with the rest of the guys to just get up hella early tomorrow and go. So I’m going to bed riiight after this post is finished. GOOD NIGHT.


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