Random thoughts


[1:58 am]
Music Jay-Z "99 Problems" (Jay-Z gettin’ shot!)

I have three of the new Lennex songs. They’re amazing. I love it.

I love playing these out of state shows. But I want to keep it goin’… go even further away… I want to tour so badly right now and/or move. I love bmore and all but there’s a whole huge world out there to explore. This is just a tiny speck in the universe. And I’d come back eventually.

I’m so bored with myspace. I hardly ever go on it anymore. When I do, it’s just to check messages usually. I need a new site to be addicted to now hahaa.

So Rich Jones quit Amen like a day or two after our show with them. BAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Now there’s rumours of the other members leaving. But hopefully that’s not true. They got Acey (ex-Dope, current Murderdolls) to at least fill in for now.

Remember when MTV "You Hear it First" and the Buzzworthy videos were actually fucking good?! When it actually meant something?!

Watching My So-Called Life and Beavis and Butt-head lately makes me miss the mid 90s like whoah.


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