Very busy in a good way these past couple weeks

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I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated. I’ve just been crazy busy with shows, work, and updating

Two Fridays ago was our show with Jimmies Chicken Shack at the Recher Theatre. That was so much fun. JCS played a long, great set and they were really chill guys. I also got to talk to Kahz from Jepetto for a little bit and met two of the guys from PMP. They did "Another Day" with JCS. It was awesome! The show was completely packed, it was insane. It’s the most people we’ve played to yet. The crowd was wild. They either loved us or hated us. I mean, we didn’t expect hardly anyone to get into it, considering we are a lot different than JCS and plus their fans are very devoted to them. We had a couple people towards the front who were like You Suck!, but the overwhelming majority of the people really liked us. I’ve never seen anything like it. People were tearing our posters off the walls and fighting over them and then got us to sign them. We sold a ton of merch too. I’m so glad that all these new people now have and are listening to our CD! Candace did "Indecision" with us and that totally pumped up the crowd.

The next day, we played the Vault w/Speedogs, Choosing Hands, and Infuseon. We went on early so we played and got to just relax and chill with our friends and watch cool bands the rest of the night. Adrian from HB told me that when I play it reminds him of that tale of the billygoats but he said he meant it in a good way. Hahaha I hope so.

Friday, David and I went to Gary’s bday party. I was gonna go there for a bit and then head on down to Brass Monkey for 51 Peg. But then I got a call from Karah saying that two of the bands didn’t show and they might be going on any minute. So we ended up not being able to go. Sucks but I know I’ll see them again soon at least 🙂 The party was fun though! I ate a burger and a hot dog and it was yummy. And of course drank. We just had a lot of fun being idiots and well, just being ourselves.

Then this past Saturday was Club 218 in Philly. I love Philly. We got there early and the club is on South Street, so we hung out there and went to all these cool stores. There were all these juggalos hanging out hahah which made me wonder if Philly was some huge ICP place or something, but it was ‘cuz Dark Lotus was playing TLA down the street. According to BryPies, they’re a juggalo band. I don’t even know. I saw the cops messin’ with some of them.. don’t know what that was about. And then there was the legalize pot protest goin’ on there. The show was awesome, met some cool bands from other states and met Arsenic from MD. There was this band, I don’t remember their name – on tour and from Arizona. I don’t like that many hippie type bands but this band was great. When we went on, the people there were awesome to us. Which is cool considering we didn’t know them. The management and label people gave us high marks and gave us a lot of goood advice about who to contact and how to do it. 😀 After we played, Kev and I decided to be stupid tourists and get ourselves some Philly cheesesteaks. And let me tell you, it was the most amazing cheesesteak I’ve ever eaten. I don’t know how I will eat one not from there again. Club 218 wants to book us some regular shows there in the future so that kicks ass. Philly rules.

Last night… our show with Brides of Destruction! The crowd there was fucking cool as hell and so were the bands! Amen’s set was sick man, they fucking rocked. They came out watched our whole set and said they were totally diggin’ us and they were so sweet. Their drummer (who has a hot British accent) made me kiss him on the cheek and he kissed me back and it was the cutest thing. Their bassist looks like a cross between Keith and my friend Jason from back in the day, which is funny ‘cuz both of them moved to L.A. That would be funny if he knew both of them. Brides of Destruction kicked ass! They did a full set of just B.O.D. songs. Then the first encore was L.A. Guns tunes and Tracii Guns teased the crowd with some G’n’R riffs. The second encore was all Motley Crue songs and me and the boyz were goin’ nuts during this. Especially Brad. Brad was in heaven, lemme just tell you. Brad loves 80s rock with a passion. I think he almost went into shock when he hung out with them on their tour bus. BOD were cool guys. Nikki Sixx looks damn good, too. When we were backstage with him, I felt like I was watching things I would see on Behind the Music or on movies. I’ve seen lotsa crazy shit go on with bands before, but that is nothing compared to this. I felt like it was the 80s. Roadies and security giving passes to certain girls in the audience who they thought were hot and letting them back. And they were acting crazy. Some of them even started arguing and I guess fighting over Nikki. A couple girls were throwing themselves (one quite literally) at Brad but he was of course not into that. It was hilarious though. Definitely an experience. The bands were the only guys back there. One girl tried to sneak back and their people kicked her out and yelled to security not to let the "fat bitch" back in. My lord! Amen and their manager invited us back to their hotel room after the show which was cool. But we didn’t stay long ‘cuz we were kinda beat and plus we knew they were tired and had to be up in a few hours to get ready to go to NY. I wanna see Amen again right now. I can’t wait ’til whenever it is they come back to Baltimore. I hope it’s soon.



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