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April 20, 2004

Quiz, Having fun times playing shows

April 16, 2004

Facing my fears… or just being stupid?

April 12, 2004

Peeps – the candy

April 7, 2004

Quiz, Radio interview

[12:53 am]
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[12:23 am]
Subject: XTSR
Mood  happy
Music No Knife

Today was fun! We did an interview with XTSR (Towson University’s radio station). We did the show "The Prowl" w/Dan and Amy from 8-10 PM. They were super cool. We were on the whole two hours and they played all the songs from "The Shattering". We ended up talking about many different things – from the band, music in general, other bands we like, who we’re voting for, religion, censorship, drinkin’, more! And people actually IM’d (XTSR Rock is the sn) and called in. Some girl called in and asked if we do groupies and I said "Well, just me" hahahahhahahaha. (Joke.)

You can go to and listen online. It’s a cool station actually they play a lot of cool bands and stuff that mainstream radio is afraid to touch. Well, college stations are usually better anyways. And someone was just on earlier and was doing live freestyle rappin’ on the air that was good. And plus, we’re now in regular rotation there now, so listen!

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