My friend has passed away : (


Subject: Death.
Mood  sad

My friend Charlie Smith died last night in a car accident. I don’t even know how I’m feeling because it seems like too many of my friends have been dying lately. I know I do feel very sad that such a great person’s life was cut so short. I knew him in high school. He was one of those guys you saw the first day of your freshman year and it made you so glad to not be in middle school anymore haha. Because he was very attractive and had a certain coolness and confidence that caught my eye immediately. Sort of like a mid 90s version of James Dean. Shortly after school started, he and I ended up being friends and he was going out with one of my best friends, Andrea for a while. We would all hang out together. We would party and chill at his house. And sometimes he’d come over to my neighborhood and hang out. I remember once he walked to my neighborhood to meet up with us and it was a few miles! Then a couple years later after my friend had moved away and he had already graudated so we lost touch, we started working in the same place. I worked in the music section of this local chain that used to have a few stores, Bibelot. He worked in the cafe section in there: Donna’s. We’d talk, sometimes take breaks together. But what I really remember about him is the time I saw him during my Senior Week. He was living in Ocean City at the time and I had ended up running into him and hanging out with him. And I ended up getting myself into a bad and stupid situation that was my fault. Without me even asking, he had totally helped me out during this and was so there for me in a way that I will never forget. I remember I had always wanted to see him and tell him how thankful I was of that. He prevented a very bad situation from happening. What was really cool about him is how accepting and non-judgemental he seemed to be. How friendly and chill he was. I wish I had a chance to say goodbye and thank him for all he did.

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