Survey Time!

[12:35 am]
Subject: Survey Time!
Mood sick
Music "Rockstar" with Mark Wahlberg

Indie Basics
First show (the entire line up)? Foo Fighters, .that dog., The Amps. Easter ’96. UMBC’s concert venue which I don’t think has concerts anymore.
First concert? Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra in Ohio.
Best show of your damn life? A lot of good ones. I’d have to say Hole and Imperial Teen at the Electric Factory in Philly. Though I was hella uncomfortable and smooshed the entire time. They played that same concert on HBO, too. Atari Teenage Riot and EC8OR at the 9:30 Club in ’97 was pretty damned cool too.
What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a show? Probably like $35 before service charge. If it’s more than that and I don’t get free tix or guestlisted, I usually just don’t go. I ain’t rich.
Do you know the names of all the bartenders in town? No.
Have you ever……..?
Been kicked out of a club? Yeah. The Vault a couple years ago.
Puked in public? I don’t think so.
Moshed (slammed danced)? Yes.
Peed on someone (for guys on, I think)? No.
Crowd surfed? Yeah. Back in the day when people actually held you up and moved ya around.
Worn a shirt of a band that you went to go see? Yeah. Unless you mean wearing the band’s shirt at their show, then no. Not that I care when people do that.
Tipped a stripper? Not yet.
Really spied on someone? No. Unless you count reading their online journal.
Eaten anything on a dare? I don’t think so.
Seen a dead person (not a funeral)? I saw an accident happen in front of me while I was driving and missed being in it too by just inches. But I’m not sure if that person was dead at that moment.
Had sex with a roommate? No.
Hidden an object from someone? Someone’s keys when they were drunk.
Lied about your age? My step-sis and I used to pretend to be 14 when we were like 9 and went on vacations. We’d make up fake names and lives so we could impress guys we’d meet at the Beach in St. Simons, Georgia. LMFAO.
Dyed your hair an unnatural color? More than natural colors!
Scared shitless on 9-11? I tried not to be but I lived near the airport. So when the airports did open up again, I’d wake up in the middle of the night each time a plane would fly over. Which I never did before that. That’s when I realized I was scared.
Thanked someone for something they didn’t do? I don’t think I did so knowingly haha.
Been mugged or jumped? No.
Wooed someone with a mixed tape? Wooed them? Nah. I just make ’em for the fun of it.
Walked in on your parents? No.
Been shot at? No.
Graffiti’ed anything? When I was about 11.
Stolen alcohol? No.
Fallen down a staircase? Not down an entire staircase, no.
Thought you were going to die? Yeah.
Saved someone’s life? Someone says I did but nah.
Do you have a star tattoo? No.
How many post mark stamp 7” do you STILL own? Don’t think any.
Is Texas the Reason? Texas is where a lot of people on are from.
Wear a denim jacket for than three times a week? Did in 7th grade.
know all the lyrics to waiting room? Nope.
Been SXS? Don’t think so.
Put an “andre has a posse” sticker on anything? No.
Have more than two band pins of your jacket, shoulder bag? Yep.
This or that?
Head Bangers Ball or SNL (early 90’s). Both
Sepultura or Pantera? I slept through Pantera’s set if that answers your question.
East or West coast? Never been to the west yet 😦
Vegas or Atlantic City? Haven’t been to Vegas yet.
Mixed tapes or CRD? CD-R.
Texas chainsaw or night of the living dead? Haven’t seen either yet!
Cash or Rollins? Cash. I love Henry Rollins spoken word.
Big muff or metal zone? Hahahah Metal Zone.
STP or Nirvana? Both.
Boh or yuengling? Boh.
Baltimore or DC? Baltimore
DJ or jukebox? You don’t have to pay a DJ to get your song played. But they rarely play what I request anyway.


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