Sick only when we have shows, The Atkins Diet

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Music Andy Dick’s gf singing You Are A Sick Mo’ Fo on MTV Cribs

Thursday: Sick. Played Froggy’s in Dover, Delaware. Cool times. Skip Dixxon from 96 Rock is the man. The band after us, Pneumya was great. Kinda reminded me of Tool. Their singer had a great voice. Wanted to stick around for Fearless Vampire Killers but I had the drive to worry about. Free $50 bar tabs rule. So do 15¢ wings. Unnecessary tolls suck. $9 on the way there, $4 back. Some tolls there wasn’t even a special road or bridge or tunnel. It was just there I guess. In the middle of nowhere. Why does it always seem like the older someone’s car is and the more Jesus stickers they have on it, the more people will be stuffed into it and they will be going fifteen miles under the speed limit in the left lane when it’s packed on the highway? Because Jesus doesn’t want you to be able to pass. Or speed. Another thing I’ve realized is when you’re in a place with few radio stations, you just give up and let it stay on any station as long as there’s some music (my tape deck is broken. CD player? Ha! You kid me, right?) But as sooon as something you like comes on, that’s when the station will lose any reception. Bastards! I was feelin’ Biggie Small’s "Hypnotize". Why did you take it away from me?

Friday: When I awoke, I felt even sicker than I was on Thursday. My head hurrt. And I mean my head. Not my forehead. Ouch. Playin’ the Underground was cool. I finally got to see The Shellycoats and I was very impressed! Their singer reminded me of Juliana Hatfield and they kind of had a mid-90s feel which I love. Those were the daays. Ron West’s music was unique and the guy uses a Mac so he’s cool in my book. Fear 44 had not just one, but two girls in the band. And Bury Me Standing (formerly Supergiant MD) was really awesome as well. I’m not normally into "Pop-punk" but bands like them and eleven 54 do it damn well so that’s rockin’.

You know what else I realize? When I am not sick we do not play shows. When I am sick, we will play shows. So I expect April to be one sick month.


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Subject: The Atkins Diet
Mood sleepy

First off, I’d like to point out that I don’t eat healthily by a Doctor’s point of view. I can’t afford that. Eating well costs too much money. However you don’t hear me claiming that I do.

More and more people are doing this Atkins diet. And then talk about how healthy they are. How they’re taking care of themselves. Most of these people, however aren’t healthy. They just lost weight. I have yet to know anyone who has kept their weight off for one. (I’m sure they’re out there but out of the many people I know, none have kept it off). When they gain it back, they gain it back badly. I don’ t know how to explain it. You know how there is different types of fat? There is just plain old-fashioned gaining weight. There is the just had a baby weight. And there is the smoke pot all day and do nothing with your life but stay on the couch and eat munchies and grow man boobs weight. The Atkins has its own type once you gain it back.

A lot of people are cutting out carbs but eating eggs and bacon and all this stuff all day instead. I don’t think this is what Atkins intended. I notice people eating all these fatty greasy foods but then they’re like "But there’s no bread on it"! That makes it healthy? You may look alright but if this Atkins trend continues, people will be having heart attacks at an increasingly high rate. Also, a lot of very essential and healthy types of foods aren’t permitted on the diet. You are supposed to have 7-11 servings of breads per day. More than any other food group. Yet on Atkins you’re cutting this out. A friend of mine couldn’t eat these healthy fruits because of the carbs in it. But she could eat all this lard with very little nutritional value. That doesn’t seem right to me. And she wonders why her hair isn’t as shiny or healthy-looking as before. Because she’s not getting the nutrients she needs!

I’m sure there are people that are more responsible with this diet and do it the right way. But the majority of people are not and then have this haha attitude. Who’s gonna be laughing when your arteries are clogged at say, age 32?

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