Petition for the Limited

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I don’t shop at the Limited. However, I feel this is very important for people to read and sign because of the principle of the matter! My friend Lauren started this petition:

We, the signers of this petition, ask the Limited Brand company to bring back size 14 clothing in The Limited stores. The size was removed from the shelves October 2003.

The exclusion of this size, we believe, is discriminatory to larger women despite the fact that the plus size industry was a $17 billion business in 2002.

The average American woman, according to the National Eating Disorders Association, is 5’4" and weighs approximately 140 pounds. She wears a size 12 or larger, so the question is: Why has The Limited turned its back on this market?

The removal of this size from The Limited stores is discriminatory and disrespectful. Please support the voices of the "average" woman and bring back the larger sizes.


The Undersigned

A friend of mine in high school was taller and bigger busted. When she’d try to buy clothes at Hot Topic, almost nothing fit. So we’d go in there and complain all the time and fill out comment cards. I’d even complain when she wasn’t there, even though it didn’t affect me. Because I wanted them to make a change! Well they eventually opened Torrid – which is owned by Hot Topic – a store for plus sizes. And they also started carrying larger sizes in Hot Topic. They said it was due to customer suggestions. So you can make a difference!



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