How to be famous in today’s world

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People often complain about how hard it is nowadays to become famous. Nonsense. I think the past ten years have produced a lot of celebrities who got famous for unusual reasons. Look how easily these people became famous:

Kayto Kalen – All he did was mooch off O.J. Simpson and the man is still making appearances on shows such as Hollywood Squares to this day.

Farnsworth Bentley – P. Diddy’s manservant. He became famous for a pic of him having to hold P. Diddy’s umbrella. Now he’s in rap videos like Outkast’s "The Way You Move" and has his own line of designer umbrellas coming out.

Divine Brown – Not only did she get to sleep with Hugh Grant but she got paid to do so and became famous for it.

William Hung – Dude’s got a record deal now. I think I’ve heard his version of "She Bangs" more than Ricky Martin’s. He didn’t even make it past the first audition yet he’s become a household name. Can you name any of the actual finalists from this season’s American Idol? Neither can I.

Joe Millionaire – All he had to do was not be a millionaire.

Paris Hilton – C’mon now, do I have to explain?

Anna Kournikova – She didn’t even have to play tennis well, just be attractive. I still find the Williams sisters more attractive, though.

Soy Bomb – Jump up on stage during Bob Dylan’s performance at the Grammys and you’ll be remembered!

And then there’s the guest apperances on songs. Back in the day, people wouldn’t even be credited a lot of times for their voices being on hooks to songs. Now not only are they in the video, but they’ll come out with an album because of that fame from working with so-and-so and go multi-platinum.

Hey, I’m not hatin’ on these people! I could go on American Idol, dress in all black clothes and makeup, and sing "The Beautiful People". Then have Simon tell me I’m awful and end up having a cult following of people telling me I was discriminated against for being different! But bahhh, it’s about being "respected". Err something.



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