Cell thief, eye infection


[12:36 am]
Mood okay
Music Margret Heater "Enjoy the Silence"

I have been in an okay mood lately despite what’s been happening:

Friday I got my cell phone stolen. AGAIN. Fuck this, man. I’m not going to pay full price from Verizon again. I hate people. So I went on eBay and won a decent phone for cheap. Woo.

My sinuses have been acting up and this weekend and even a lil’ bit still today – I have another eye infection! It’s gross. The light really hurt me, to the point it was physically unbearable and impossible to keep them open outside. But that’s not what really sucks. We have two shows coming up this week and Brad has bronchitis and a sinus infection. He can barely even speak, let alone sing at this point. Eek!



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