My advice for today…

[11:05 am]
Subject: My Advice for Today…
Mood  nauseated

If you decide to go to the Thunderdome after going to a cheap diner on Route 40, make sure you have some cash on you. Because when you get there you will find out that there is a $20 minimum for a bar tab. Then you will be forced to decide whether you want to either stay sober or actually spend that much friggin’ money. So you will have no choice but to drink some type of Seagrams that doesn’t even exist anymore and the person you take it from is younger than the date listed on the bottle. You will become very drunk and not even realize you are sick until right after you walk into your apartment, when you puke in your sink. And just because the gravy fries and grilled cheese was yummy when you ate them, does not mean you want to retaste it after being all melted in your stomach. And when you decide to log onto AIM after that, you will be accused of hitting on someone earlier in the night. Just because you pretend to strangle someone does not necessarily mean you are flirting with them! … Then you will have some drunkened dream when you fall asleep that night about how your Mom was living some secret life and she wasn’t really a US citizen. And you were also not really a US citizen, she brought you here illegally with her and you were somehow getting away with it. But you all got caught. So you end up back in South Korea and you have a really bad American accent when you speak Korean. You’re all depressed about leaving your band in Maryland behind and you can’t even contact them because you’d be breaking some weird law to call them. But then you become famous and allowed to come back to America when you go on tour with your new and internationally famous band from South Korea.

Well at least Dope is great. I’m referring to the band "Dope", silly.



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