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February 25, 2004

Ja-ja-ja jagerbomb!

[12:35 pm]

Mood hopeful
Music Björk "5 Years"
I’ve been really sick since after the Valentines Day show. So I’m thinking I caught something from someone there or maybe it was at the Bleed the Dream show. Either would make sense since David and I caught the same cold and got it around the same time. It was weird because each day we’d have the same things going on sickness-wise. I only worked 6 hours last week which I don’t know how I even did that. But man my paycheck is going to suck ass. I am still sick right now but a lot better than before.

Enough whining… Saturday was fun as hell. It was our 96 Rock show in Seaford, Delaware. Cait was nice enough to come with me and let me drive her Speedy Speederton to our Delaware show. The boys went earlier to meet up with Glassman at his new house and chill in Salisbury. They went shoppin’ at the mall there and got some cool clothes. Brad got this awesome belt with a skull I think and it holds a Zippo! Of course he got a classic G’n’R shirt and Gar-bear got a Rolling Stones shirt. I could tell he bought it that day ‘cuz it still had the folded from the store lines in it haha. I wish I coulda went down earlier with them but that was not happening in my condition. The show was fun as hell! It was one of the funnest shows we’ve done in a long time. The place was packed and everyone there was cool as hell. Billy and Shelly came down and that was soo cool. It was funny cuz I saw her in Wawa in Naptown on our way there and I didnt’ realize she was on her way there, too. And Mind Control came out! They are so lovely. Lennex was amazing of course. And they are such sweethearts. I’m so happy for them that they are going on a U.S. tour soon! They definitely deserve it and will do well.
Billy, Shelly, and Cait are da bomb to drink with hahaha. Jager Bombs that is! Oooh yes I will be drinking lots of those from now on. I didn’t even know if I’d like that or not but hell yes I do. It didn’t taste anything like I thought it would. And made me feel good, too hehe.