(Record company response) Hehe, this is sort of amusing…


[5:06 pm]
Subject: Hehe, this is sort of amusing…
Mood sick
Music Mötley Crue "Dr. Feelgood"

So here’s a kinda funny story. We have been sending out our new CD, "The Shattering" to some labels. (Buy it, damnit. Online or I’ll sell you one for Five Measley bucks if you live near me. You won’t be sorry!)

Anyway… Gary sent a short bio to Sparrow Records. And they wrote back actually saying they were interested in hearing us and that they wanted us to send them a CD. They said We will only contact you back if we are interested. If we are not interested, you just won’t hear anything back from us at all, due to the amount of material we get sent to us. But I was like to Gary "Wait a minute, Lifehouse is on that label. And they’re Christian. Do we have to be Christian? And he’s like "No, I don’t think so. They would have said something." So we had just sent this out and already got a response saying that because we are not a Christian band, they cannot sign us. So it’s like Hmm, they said if they weren’t interested, they wouldn’t write back. Yet they aren’t going to sign us but they contacted us anwyays. So I’m thinking if the music was the same but we were Christian we would have had a good chance. Haha, I’m glad we didn’t send them some of the older stuff ‘cuz they probably would have been pretty offended by the lyrics. Yikes! Well, we will never be a Christian band but it’s good to know that even though we might have offended some people, they still don’t think we’re horrible, hehe.



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