Sifl & Olly

[4:19 pm]
Subject: Sifl & Olly
Mood silly
Music Evanescence "Going Under"

This is my United States of Whateva!
You’re on my numba one A-list, baby. You’re muh numba one baby for gravy!

Oh loveable Chester. According to you, you are
history’s greatest lover. You keeps cereal in
your pocket to feed them. You likes to sing,
but Sifl & Olly won’t allow you to. People
could say You do some crazy stuff, like chasing
the ice cream truck, or attaching hockey pucks
to your shoes to help you with your moonwalk.
Just whatever we do, we wont blow bubbles in
front of you.

What Sifl And Olly Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


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