So don’t you fight it

[2:48 pm]
Subject: So don’t you fight it.
Mood dorky
Music Phantom Planet "Big Brat"

I can no longer deny it. I love Beyonce. Yesssss…. I just got Me, Myself, and I as well! I cut my own hair, too! I dated a rapper once. And denied it. Though everyone knew the truth. His lips weren’t so big though. No Bonnie and Clyde I guess. Hmm… I know deep down that Kelly’s just not getting the attention she deserves. But I can’t help it anymore. Beyonce, I love you. Not only are they ready… they want the jelly. Aww yeah. But what the hell were you thinking at the end of the "Baby Boy" video? Pulling a Pulp Fiction. You ruined the dance! What choreographer told you "Trust me, this is brilliant"? It’s okay, though. I feel you.
Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, nuh nuh nuh.
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