Who wants to hibernate with me?


Let me tell you how much I despise winter. Where do I begin? Winter is always the most depressing time of the year by far to me for so many reasons:

Daylight Savings: Why the hell do we have to push the time back an hour? Why can’t it stay the same as in the summer? How fucking stupid. I love the night and all but when it’s pitch black at 4:30 PM, I feel like I’ve missed something. Like something has escaped me. It’s stupid.

Too cold = $$ and pain. I spend wayyyy too much money on electric bills. And sweaters cost way more than tank tops. My skin’s so dry it friggin’ hurts and breaks open. Anything that would normally be bad is horrible. If my car tire breaks down, I’m changin’ it in extreme cold. If I lock myself out of the apartment, I’m not only stuck, but in the colllld.

Icy roads: I won’t even need to get into this.

The worst holidays are in Winter: Xmas and Valentines.

And just basically the mood of winter is so depressing. My heart is always broken and/or lonely. Bad things always happen in winter. Even when good things do happen, I barely even care. Yet when something bad happens, it hits me even harder. All this amazing stuff has been happening to me this winter. Yet I’m like “Meh.” And I’ve been letting stoopid shit bother the hell outta me.

You wanna know what my fav memory of winter is? The .click. show/party on New Years Eve ’01. And I barely remember it b/c I was drunker than drunk. What does that tell you?

I think we should learn from the bears and hibernate all winter long. I can’t wait ’til the Spring.


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