CD Release weekend

This weekend was friggin’ amazing.

Friday night I went to see David’s band To A Science. They were sooooooooo good. The first song was so tight with all the instruments and the three part harmonies that I swear it sounded like a CD playing. They had a great turnout as well and the crowd was way into it. I’m so happy for them! Afterwards, we went to Drew’s afterparty for a lil’ bit and that was maaaaaaaad crowded like whooooah. Then David and I left to go get some food at Nautilus Diner.

Saturday… OUR CD RELEASE PARTY! Well, yeah it fucking snowed and sleeted and all that bad stuff. Which sucked ass. A ton of people who were definitely coming couldn’t come. Especially cuz most of our fans are from Harford Co. and apparantly that got hit really badly and the roads weren’t salted. Bahhh… But we still had a great turnout and even Paul Manna said he was so impressed that we had so many people, esp. in bad weather. Still havin’ a few hundred people show up ain’t bad, hehe. YAY! Matt Davis ended up not being able to host the show cuz the DJ @ 98 Rock who was supposed to be on the air that night had some kind of emergency… something about his friend getting in an accident and dying or something. I’m not really sure but it sounded horrible. So Matt had to go on the air and couldn’t come out. He’s done sooo soo much for us though and for local music period. He rules… Another Lincoln, Halfway Broken, and Leafless all did a great job! I couldn’t be happier with how the night was aside from the snow. Thanks so much to all the kids who came out against their parents discretion hahaha and for asking for hugs and autographs! You guys are truly amazing. Candace – I have so much fun with you when we play. We seriously gotta hang out at some shows together (and of course SHOPPING!). Are you coming to Fletchers tonight?

Sunday, was our last Noise in the Basement airing as Band of the Month. Gary was interviewed on the air. Thanks to 4 Ten and e54 who gave us props last night on the air. You guys own! I am excited to find out who will be the next Band of the Month. The votes will be counted tonight. I’m gonna miss it being us, though hahaha. It’s been hella fun. Whoever is next, be prepared for many good things to come. Even if you don’t get it, just playing the shows at Fletchers and all the fun you have with everyone there and plus all the promotion on 98 Rock makes it more than just worthwhile.


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