Skitzo Calypso CD Release this Saturday @ Recher Theatre!

Subject: Skitzo Calypso CD Release this Saturday @ Recher Theatre!
Mood excited
Music Lenny Kravitz
This weekend is going to rule…

Ya’ll BETTER Be fucking out to reprazent. Skitzo Calypso CD Release Party at the Recher Theatre, this Saturday Jan. 17. Also playing with us are our friends Halfway Broken, Another Lincoln, and Leafless. This show’s gonna be fucking rockin’ and if you don’t know.. you better asssssk someone, fool! I keed, I keed but seriously this show will be well worth the measley $5 and you can pick up the new Skitzo CD "The Shattering"! Matt Davis of 98 Rock will be there to intro the band to the stage. Doors are at 8 PM, Skitzo on @ Midnight. We are out of presale tix, so make sure you get there at a decent time.

Sunday, we will be interviewed live on 98 Rock (97.9 FM Baltimore – Noise in the Basement w/Matt Davis @ 11 PM and he will be spinning a new track from "The Shattering". This will be our last week as 98 Rock’s Band of the Month so fucking listen, ok?! If you’ve listened to 98 Rock in the past couple weeks you’ve prob heard our lil’ commercial they’ve had running. Thank you, 98 Rock!

And no it’s not just all about Skitzo – make sure your asses are out on Friday @ Recher to see To A Science (f/ex-Cylix, ex-Exrate .. whoa that’s a lot of ex’s) b/c that show is definitely one not to be missed either.

Fuck man I’m just pumped right now so I’m just a typin’ away….


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