Violet Eyez

[9:54 pm]
Subject: Violet Eyez
Mood anxious
Music MissyElliott2DollaBillShow-"PassTheDutch"

I’m excited. The violet contact lenses I ordered should be coming in about a week or less. Woo Hoo! I’ve been wanting these since elementary school. And now they will be Miiiiineeee mwuhaha. My vision is horrible, which I’ve realized for a while. Today I find out from my boss that I’m "legally" blind. ‘Cuz my number is really bad and he said his relative had the same as me and got a handicapped parking space b/c of it. Hmmmmmm should I do that? I’m scared I will go fully blind one day! That would suck 😥

I’m lame and I didn’t go to Lennex today because I’m totally broke. I really wanted to, though. I need to go to Soundgarden soon and sell some CDs.



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