A Dope Night.


ubject: A Dope Night
Mood satisfied
Music DJ Shadow "Stem/Long Stem"

Tonight was so cool, man. Went to the United Tour II at Nation in DC with my friend Joyce. All the bands were great. It’s so cool to see Imbue playing to more and more new people. They were great. I love their new lineup a lot. Steve (ex-Fur) and Rod (ex-Ice Station Zero) are now in the band. They are tiiiiiight. And of course I love Ric and Tim. Dope was better than ever. I saw ’em a few years ago and thought they were cool but tonight they were Outstanding. So much energy. They have gotten even better with time. And of course Pigface was amazing. Even more guests up there tonight. There was so many guests from artists in other bands that they were having a lot of technical difficulties due to the club’s system barely being able to handle them! And the singer of Pitchshifter got up there and did "Genius." That was niiiiice. I still wanna pick up Voodou’s CD cuz I like what Michelle, their singer does up on stage with Pigface… By the end of the night (we left before Pigface’s long set had even ended due to Joyce and I having to work early tomorrow morning… oops, I shouldn’t be online now should I?) I kept crossing paths with Edzel from Dope and he was chillin’ in the dance room area of the club. So I decided to go ahead and talk to him and give him a Skitzo Calypso demo. He was really nice and cool about it and said he’d give it a listen. Well it’s a good thing I did give him one ‘cuz Joyce said in their DVD he says for bands to please give him a demo. So it doesn’t hurt to try, right?!

Today was way too windy for my liking. I mean it was just insane!

I am interesting in hearing more of the new P!nk album. I know she’s working lyrically with of course Linda Perry again but also Tim Armstrong of Rancid and she does a cool song with Peaches! Apparantly Britney Spears had asked Peaches to work with her first and Peaches said no! But she said yes to Pink. Britney definitely is not that innocent if she’s been listening to Peaches, if ya know what I’m saying. I keed, I keed!

Well, it’s beyond bed time for me…


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